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Back In Time LeatherWorks offers leather accoutrements and equipage period correct to Colonial and early America. All items are hand made using the tools, materials, techniques and skills of the saddler or harness maker of the 18th and early 19th Century. No machinery is used. All leather items are constructed using the highest quality vegetable tanned cowhide, calf or kip; thread is linen cord, buckles are bridle or harness buckles made in England. All leatherwork is finished by hand rubbing with linen. Our offerings and the quality of workmanship meets what one would have expected to receive from a saddlery or harnessmaking establishment in the early days of our Country. For example, items with leather strapping, including belts, carriers and sheathes for edged tools, carriers for blankets, hunting bags, portmanteau, cylinders for telescopes, maps or other documents, flint wallets, wallets, wood carriers, saddlebags to name a few. We will include bridle work, including breast plates, martingales, cruppers, and stirrup leathers made by us and on “as available basis”, work by other saddlers and harness makers.

Designs of our items, techniques and tools used, are based upon instruction from a shop master with 57 years experience in the trade and apprenticed in England at the age of 15; our research in libraries and museums; inspection and detailed measurements of original pieces in various collections, including our own. Each item will incorporate the key and defining features, e.g. type of leather (cow, calf, horse, deer, etc.) number of stitches per inch, shape and size of the point and return billets, type of keepers, fancy stitching or geometric design, shape and size of buckle, gusset shape, overall shape and size of the item, use of saddlers welt, method of attaching belt or strap, combining the use of linen and leather, etc.

Our offerings will, from time to time, include the work of other craftsmen. For example, fur hats and mittens, lanterns, knives, etc.

We are located approximately 20 minutes southwest of Baltimore, Maryland along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway corridor.

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