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Welcome to Back In Time LeatherWorks. We offer leather accoutrements designed and fabricated using techniques and materials of the saddler and harness maker of the 18th and 19th Century. Our goal is to provide leather goods that will meet the demanding standards for period correctness and most importantly answer the use and purpose for which the item is to be applied. While vegetable tanned leather items fabricated and hand sewn with waxed linen thread using ancient techniques is something to admire with all of our senses, our leather goods are made to be used.

All work is done by hand. As in early America, we will offer the items customarily made available by the village saddler or harness maker; hunting bags, belts, sheaths for edged tools( knives, hatchets and axes), saddlebags, portmanteau, bridle work, various carriers for the equestrian (hunting horn case, sandwich tin case, wire cutters and case) to name a few. Each item reflects the defining features of the period identified. E.g. shape; size; attachment of linen webbing or leather carrying strap; edging; saddlers welt; gusset; binding; linen thread; saddlers sewing techniques; number of stitches per inch; weight of leather; preparation and finishing of the leather that is tanned by techniques used in Europe for several hundred years; and bridle and harness buckles made in England of heavy brass; etc. The defining features of the items we offer have been copied from original pieces studied in museums or our own and private collections.

Visit our products and video sections to see our current offerings. Check on us at least monthly as our site is under construction and we will be adding to our offerings from time to time. We will also be offering wood and metal work of other craftsman as times goes on. As with our leather work, they will be items that will be period correct to the 18th or 19 the Century. All made to be used.

While some of our items will be in stock and can ship right off, many of our items will be made upon order. We will let you know at the time of ordering how long it will take to fill your order, the price and shipping cost.

We are active in the 18th Century reenactment community and attend various reenactments and rendezvous. We will post on this website where we will set up next and invite you to look in on us.

And finally, if you don’t see what you need, let us know, we will work with you and try to accommodate your needs.


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